With the open-ended question in LessonUp you have a lot of possibilities. Where a quiz question is usually powerful in the reproduction of the material, an open-ended question is an all-rounder.

During the lesson, the answers are shown as cards and the teacher is in control of the answers: he decides which answers, one at a time or all at once, will be shown.

Characteristics: depth, comprehensive answers

Question type: open-ended, mostly application and insight

Design: easy

Learning technique options: **

Watch this instructional video on the open-ended question:

Or read a step-by-step instruction:

To add an open question to your lesson, click +Add and then 'Open question'.

You have the option to create your own open question or choose one from the lesson library. In this case, we are going to create one ourselves.

All you have to do is enter a question in the text box. After that, the open-ended question is already ready to use. There are two additional options you can use by clicking 'Add answer or explanation':

  • Adding an explanation in the text box allows students to request more information during the lesson/test. If you leave the text box blank, the option is off.

  • You can also choose to enter a correct answer that will be checked. Note that the whole answer will be checked. This is particularly useful if it is one word or a short sentence (for instance in language subjects).

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