The mind map in LessonUp is mainly used to activate students' prior knowledge.

Characteristics: activating prior knowledge

Question type: open-ended, mostly application and insight

Design: easy

Options for learning techniques: ***

Watch this instructional video on the mind map:

Or read a step-by-step instruction:

A mind map is an ideal component to activate your students' prior knowledge. In addition, it is very easy to add a mind map to your lesson. Click on +Add and then on mind map.

You have the option to create a mind map yourself or search for one in LessonUp's lesson library. In this case, we choose 'Create my own'.

Insert a word, sentence or question to which students then respond with words. Students can give as many answers as they want. Example: I want to know what the students already know about volcanoes.

The sentence: 'Ask students about what they already know about a central topic' disappears while teaching.

Students then see this on

When students enter answers, they appear as word clouds on the screen. When 2 or more students enter the same answer, it will appear on the screen as 2x ...., 3x ...., etc.

You can choose to open the answers one by one, or show all answers at once.


  • If you have opened an answer and you click on it again, you will see who gave this answer

  • You can drag (and categorise) answers

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