With the interactive Photo Question, you can ask students to take pictures or use saved photos or screenshots and upload them as an answer to your question. The Photo Question is a great tool to use for independent work and homework.

Go to the lesson editor of LessonUp to start creating your lesson and adding interactive elements. To add a Photo Question, click on the yellow button '+ Add' or the grey area with the white cross and choose the LessonUp item: Photo Question.

Once you create a Photo Question in the lesson editor, you have two options: you click on 'Share with students' to give as homework or click 'Teach' to enter live teaching mode.

NOTE: By default, students can upload one photo to LessonUp, but you can change this to five photos per question by clicking on the 'Optional' button. So with ten questions, you can upload a total of fifty photos!

If you have shared the lesson with students, they can add an image by clicking on the 'Add Image' icon. The Photo Question as seen in 'Share with students' option for individual learning:

The Photo Question as seen in 'Teach' mode (live mode): Students log on to the free LessonUp mobile app.

You can view the photos that students upload by viewing the student report. The photos, as well as all the answers, are only visible to you.

NOTE: Collecting and viewing student reports is a paid feature of LessonUp. If you haven't already, upgrade your account to LessonUp Pro 👑 to access this feature and many more!

You can easily turn a Photo Question into an Open Question and vice versa.

For an Open Question, in the lesson editor, click on the 'Optional' button on the Photo Question, choose the option 'Using an image is disabled.'

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