With a quiz question during your lesson, you can quickly question students via a game element. The nature of a quiz question is, in most cases, reproduction of the learning material. A quiz question can be used throughout the lesson: as an energiser, a mid-term check or at the end.

Characteristics: dynamic, game element, activating prior knowledge

Question type: closed question, mostly reproduction

Design: easy

Different work formats: *

Watch this instructional video about the quiz question:

Or read a step-by-step instruction:

Click +Add and then Quiz question.

Create a quiz question yourself or find one from LessonUp's lesson library (remember to enter the topic of your quiz to get relevant search results).

If you choose to create the quiz question yourself, a blank quiz question will be inserted. At the top, enter the quiz question. Enter the answer options in the white boxes. If you fill in only answer options A and B, students will also see only these two answer options.

Alternative answer options

The answer option defaults to text. There are also alternative answer options available, such as an image, a formula or an audio clip. You can change the answer option by clicking on the settings wheel.

One or more answers possible

Don't forget to tick the correct answer at the bottom of the slide. This allows students to see after the question whether they have entered a right or wrong answer. You can also choose to approve multiple answers, choosing 'Select alternative answers'. You can now tick multiple correct answers.

It is not possible to have more than 4 answer options for the quiz question. If you are looking for this, we recommend working with a drag and drop question.

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