Poll allows you to question students with statements during the (classroom or shared) lesson. These statements have no right or wrong answers, but can instead be used to start discussions and ask for opinions. In this short guide, we will show you what possibilities the LessonUp Poll offers and where to find them.

Watch this instruction video on how to add and use the poll:

Or read the textual instruction:

The answer types

When you use a poll in your lesson, you can have students give their answer in three different ways. Depending on the question you want to ask, simply specify which option you want to use via the settings menu.

1. Standard

A new poll always starts with the answer type 'Standard'. You can choose to enter text or images.

Note: When switching answer types, note that you cannot mix text answers and images. So when you switch answer options, the filled in answers will disappear.

2. Emoji

For expressing emotions on certain topics, the emoji type comes in handy. Simply indicate that you want to use emojis and five emojis will automatically appear on the screen.

3. Scale

Using the scale, you can ask students to enter a number. Enter the minimum and maximum numbers and let the students do the rest. Students answer this question using a slider they can move themselves.

The results

The results of the poll, except the Scale type, can be displayed as a bar or pie chart. This view can be chosen when designing the poll, but can also always be changed when finally displaying the results, via the buttons on the right-hand side.

The scale chart shows the class average.


To be able to use the poll also for topics which might be more sensitive, the answers are anonymous by default. Do you want to show on the board which of your students gave a certain answer? Then click on one of the segments in the graph in the results screen and click "Show Names". Of course, the names can also be seen in the report.


Hopefully, you now feel like getting started right away. We would like to conclude this article with three tips to get you started:

  • Would you like to use the poll in an asynchronous lesson? Then use the "Look back" option to discuss the answers given in class.

  • Of course, the poll can also be used outside of discussion sections. Ask "What did you think of this lesson?" or "What topic would you like to cover again next week?".

  • Good to know: to use the poll, you need a recent version of your browser.

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