Want to get more out of your LessonUp account? You can with LessonUp's teachers' PRO Licence. Read more about the benefits below.

Sharing lessons

With a teacher licence you can not only share lessons with colleagues like in the free version, but also share your lessons with students (as homework). This way students can work on your lesson independently, at home or in the classroom. Read more about the different ways to share lessons here.

Creating classes

By using classes you can check on your students' progress. In the progress overview you can see at which point of the lesson your students are. Teaching a class is also easier because students don't have to use the PIN code to access it. You can teach lessons directly to your classes, while preventing the presence of unwanted guests.

Lesson modules

You can divide your lessons into teaching modules. This way, you can make a yearly overview of your curriculum, or divide the lessons per subject. Also your students can visualise this structured overview in their own LessonUp account.


With a paid teacher licence you have the ability to create tests. You can hand these out to the class/student, and you can see how your students performed via the reports. You can also choose to view the progress of each student individually.


You can easily create multiple variations of one basic lesson and share these with specific students. Because you will also receive clear reports of your lessons, and will be able to see exactly how students have been working, you will be able to adapt your lessons to the different needs of your students.

Private Lessons

You can set your lesson to private so that it is not available within the lesson library.

The above options are available for $99 per year.

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