What is LessonUp?

In the video below, Alice explains what LessonUp is and why you should work with it.

How can you use LessonUp?

LessonUp supports teachers in giving high-quality education and provides an interactive presentation platform that enables teachers to inspire, motivate, and involve students thanks to presentations, questions, quizzes and assignments.

Challenge your students with quiz questions, open questions, videos, photo questions or polls. These are just some of the interactive features offered by LessonUp to track student engagement and promote participation in the class. There are many more.

Lessons on LessonUp

LessonUp offers a library with over 1,000,000 lessons. You can choose to use any lesson as your own, or personalise them for your class. The search library automatically filters lessons per subject, grade level, or school. However, you can remove the filters or add new filters, and use lessons created by teachers globally.

You can also access curated lessons created by our Content Creators such as the Van Gogh Museum, the Migration Museum, and the Sea Shepherd.

Share and teach your lesson

Once you have created your own interactive slides, you can immediately share them with your colleagues as inspiration, and with you students as homework or tests. If you want, you can present them in 'teach' mode, with real-time student participation.

School licence

Looking for more collaboration and structure within your team? A school licence offers teams of educators the ability to access, share and plan lessons all in one central place. It also provides flexibility in admin management, invoicing and licence usage.

Email support@lessonup.com if you are interested in receiving more information, or send us a message via the chat!

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