You may need to change your email address in your LessonUp account as you have joined under a school licence. Or you may have used your personal email and would like to change it to your work email.

No worries! It's a simple easy process and we are happy to walk you through it step-by-step.

Step 1:

Log on to your LessonUp account, from here, click on 'My Settings' in the right hand corner where you see your name and the settings wheel.

Step 2:

In the 'My account' tab, you will see your full account details including your primary email address. Click on the 'change' option next to your email address.

Step 3:

Enter the new email address you would like to use. LessonUp will ask you to fill a code that was sent to this new email. Please fill in the code and click on 'Confirm code'.

Step 4:

Once you've confirmed the code, you are all set! You can now use your new email to login into your LessonUp account. You will also receive a confirmation email on the newly updated email.

You can still use your previously saved password so no need to create a new one that you may forget! 😇

If you would like to change your password too, you can do it just as easily in the 'My account' tab.

Still have questions about changing your account information? Then send us a message via chat. We are happy to help! 🤓

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