Every school year, you and your students want to start with a clean slate. This is also possible in LessonUp. By archiving classes, 'old' classes disappear from your environment and that of the students. Both you and the students can see clearly in the LessonUp environment 'what this school year is'.

The lessons in archived classes remain accessible at all times, allowing students to access and even create material from previous school years. Think for example of essential learning material from pre-exam classes.

1. Go to My classes.

2. Select the class that you want to archive.

3. In the right column, click Archive this class.

4. Done! The class is now placed under Archived Classes button, accessible through My Classes.

Also with the students, the classes can be found and viewed under Classes and the Archived Classes button.

To keep the overview in 'Archived classes' it is wise to use clear names/numbers. The most common variant is to put the school year between brackets after the name of, for example M3A (2019/2020).

Archived classes can also be restored. They then reappear in My Classes and can also be seen by students in their current classes again. To restore an archived class, go to My Classes and then to Archived Classes. Select the class you want to restore and click Restore class on the right.

Don't want to archive the class but delete it? You can also do this via the Archive button. After you have activated this, and selected the class, on the right side is the option Delete class permanently. This also deletes all the results of this class.

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