First, open the lesson you want to copy/move in the editor.

On the left side of the screen, you will see the lesson thumbnails with an option to check mark your slides. Select the slides you want to copy/move.

Note: This action can only be done within the same tab.

A yellow bar appears at the top of the screen with the options of Move and Copy buttons. Click one of the two buttons or use the key combination CTRL+C to copy.

Now, click on 'My LessonUp', search for the lesson you would like to put your copied slides in and click on 'edit' to get into the lesson editor again. From here, you should see the yellow bar with the 'Move' or 'Copy' options on the left, click on 'Move' or insert the copied slides where it says 'Copy Here' or use the key combination CTRL+V to place them.

You're all set!

Still have questions about how to work with the LessonUp lesson editor? Then send us a message via chat. We are happy to help! 🤓

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