During your 30-day trial period, you can make unlimited use of all PRO functionalities without further obligations. When the trial period is over, we will convert your account to a free basic licence. A basic license can be recognised by the red exclamation mark next to your name.

This allows you to work within a free LessonUp account, with all the lessons you created until now, and to make and teach new lessons. To also be able to tests your students, view their reports, differentiate and share your lessons, you need to upgrade your account to a PRO licence. It is up to you.

Below the differences between a free and PRO licence:

Free Licence

PRO Licence

Create lessons

Create lessons

Share Lessons

Share Lessons

Share lessons with colleagues

Share lessons with colleagues

Share lessons with students

Use learning modules

Create classes

Hand out tests

View reports

Lesson progress per student

Possibility to differentiate

Set lessons to private mode

Free of use

Charges: $99 a year or $9.99 per month

Good to know: lessons created in the trial period or in the PRO licence period will always remain available.

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