Without assuming the worst, and thinking that students have not done their work, it is always good to check the following things and explore all options:

  • Is the student using the correct account, on which he also has access to the material?

  • Does the learner have a stable internet connection?

  • Is the learner using the most recent version of the app or browser?

  • Is there any software running in the background, such as ad- or pop-up blockers, virus scanners, or parental software, that could potentially interfere with LessonUp?

In addition, it is also good to have insight into the student's progress in LessonUp:

  • Does this happen only in single lessons, or are results not visible in multiple lessons?

  • Does this happen for all subjects in LessonUp?

Furthermore, the reporting of the lesson in LessonUp provides valuable information:

  • Had the student already started the lesson?

  • Does it say: time 0:00? If so, the student has either not started, or has been offline during the creation of the lesson.

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