Because students are practical creatures, they will seek creative solutions. This includes forgetting their login details for LessonUp. Although requesting a new password is easily done, the option to create a new account seems the most logical to them. Then they just enter the class code and: voila, they're back in the classroom. No pain at all.

Until, as a teacher, you go to check and a particular student turns out to be in class with three different accounts. Is there anything you can do about this?

Lock down class code

The best way to prevent students from adding themselves with multiple accounts is to close the class code/classroom code when all students are in the virtual class. The easiest way to accomplish this is during class: everyone signed in? Then the class code closes. For a student who was not present when the class was created, you can possibly provide a new class code later.

If a student now loses his login data, he has to restore his login data and/or contact you.

Removing from the LessonUp class

If a student is already in the class with multiple accounts, you can easily remove them by going to My Classes and then to the appropriate class. Click on the red Students button that appears on the right. Then select the student you want to delete. On the right side of the screen, the option now appears: Remove from class.

Good to know: if you remove a student from a LessonUp class, all their results will also disappear.

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