In LessonUp, it is possible to use bullet points and let the text behind them fly in. This works both in the 'standard' layouts, and in text boxes.

Using bullets

To turn the bullets on, click on this button:

This can be done before typing or afterwards. You can then choose between a list (with points) or a list (with figures).

Flying in text

To be able to fly in text, you first need to create a list or an enumeration. Then click on the button with the magic wand.

A red frame will now appear around this button, indicating that flying in one by one is active.

Enumerations in a textbox

Within a text box, enumerations and legends work in the same way. It is even possible to switch between multiple text boxes. All you have to do is create two (or more) text boxes, which use enumerations and have the option to show the pop-up on. LessonUp recognises the multiple text boxes automatically.

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