In LessonUp you can easily add notes to your lessons. Useful for yourself or for colleagues with whom you share the lesson.

Adding notes

In the LessonUp edit screen (editor), there is a “little yellow” in each slide at the bottom.

By clicking on this note field you can add notes to the slide. Each slide has its own note field, which allows you to add a unique note per slide or lesson section. The format of a note can be customised, for example with bold or italic text.

Sharing and viewing notes

The moment the note is added it is immediately shared. In the lesson overview that is visible after sharing a lesson, the notes appear next to the slide thumbnail. Any changes will therefore be made here immediately.

Notes can be called up during class by clicking on the 'note' icon.

Good to know: if you share a lesson with students, they will not see the notes. The ability to view notes is not available to students. If you do want to share extra information with your students? Then you could use hotspots as an alternative.

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