To avoid creating the same slide over and over again, you can use 'Favourites'. As the name suggests, you save one or more slides as favourites, after which you can recall them at any time. Want to easily add a logo or watermark to a lesson? Then you can also use favourites.

Saving favourites

You can save any lesson element as a favourite. This can be a slide, video or interactive part. Drag-and-drop questions in particular are ideal for saving as favourites: they are a bit more complicated to create.

Design the lesson element the way you want it. Of course, this can also be a design of lesson from LessonUp created by another user, but appealing to you. Then click the button with the black star.

Access favourites

To access favourites, click the 'Add' button or the grey area with the white cross. Then click the 'Favourites' button.

You can now add a lesson item from your already saved favourites.

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