Good to know: after uploading your PowerPoint presentation to LessonUp, you cannot edit it. However, you can add components. This way, you can insert (interactive) lesson components between the existing PowerPoint slides and/or place components on top of the PowerPoint slides.

Via adding new content

Step 1.

Create a new LessonUp lesson or choose an existing lesson to which you want to add the PowerPoint presentation.

Step 2

Select Powerpoint.

Step 3

Select the PowerPoint presentation. You can add the whole presentation or select a few slides.

Step 4

Click the yellow button Use xxx images to insert the desired slides into your LessonUp lesson.

Good to know: LessonUp turns PowerPoint slides into images. Animations etc. are not included because of this.

Via 'Uploads'

Step 1

Go to Uploads. You can access this via the button at the bottom left of 'My LessonUp'.

Step 2

Upload the PowerPoint presentation from your computer. The maximum size of a file is 100Mb. Most presentations are smaller, but in case your presentation is bigger, you can often make it smaller. We have explained this here.

Step 3

Now go to the lesson and follow step 3 and 4 listed above.

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