Using the Spinner in LessonUp is primarily intended as a name-picker. Students' names automatically appear in the Spinner during a classroom lesson, after they enter the PIN.

But instead of students' names, you can also place concepts in the Spinner. This creates fun workflows for both classroom and shared lessons.

But instead of the names of the students, you can also place concepts in the Spinner. This will create fun forms of work for both the classroom and the shared lesson.

To activate the concepts in the spinner, first add a spinner via the +Component button, and then Spinner.

Double-click on the Spinner or on the cogwheel to go to settings. Put a check mark in front of Use terms instead of students. You can now enter the terms/phrases, always separated by a comma. The Spinner with the terms can now be used in the classroom or at home for formative assessment.

We have prepared some lesson ideas with the Spinner for you in this lesson.

Of course, you can also use this option to pin the names of students, if you don't want to or can't use devices in the classroom.

Come up with a question with the answer being.... In the example, a lesson where the students see the answer to the question they have to come up with themselves using the Spinner.

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