Losing your login data: students also suffer from this from time to time... When working with classes in LessonUp, you'll quickly notice that giving out the class code again is a quick fix, but also one that ends up making a lot of noise.

Close your class code

It is wise to close the class code after all students have been added. This will prevent other students from entering your class, or your students from logging into the class with multiple accounts because they lost their login information.

Turning off this class code is done via 'My Classes'. Select the class by clicking on it. On the right you will see the option 'Close the class code'. If you click this option the class code will disappear and is no longer valid.

Set sign-in code

To restore a student's login credentials and thereby restore their access to the class, go to the appropriate class and select the student. On the right hand side, the option 'Create sign-in code' appears.

The next screen, help a student sign in, will appear, containing a recovery code for the student. This is a unique code that is valid for 4 hours.

Have the student enter the code via the LessonUp app or www.lessonup.app. The student must enter their first and last name to verify their account. He/she must also enter a new password. After verification, the new password becomes active, the student is logged in and the email address is displayed.

Note: if the student has already created another account, he or she has to log out of the LessonUp environment first.

Working with classes is only possible with a Teacher or School licence.

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