The Table component allows you to place tables in your slide and fill them with data. You can easily customise tables and give them a layout.

How do you add tables to your lesson?

Click on '+ Component', and then on 'Table'.

Choose the size you want in the grid, and the table will appear in the top left corner of the slide. If you have copied tabular data from a tool like Excel or Google Sheets, you can paste it into your slide and a table will be created with the copied data.

It is possible to add and remove columns and rows. You do this by standing on a cell with your mouse and clicking on the little triangle that appears in the top right corner of the cell. A menu will then appear with options to modify the table.

You can adjust the width of the entire table by dragging on the outer edges. All columns will then be increased or decreased in proportion.

You can also adjust the size of individual columns by dragging the edge of the desired column. The height of the rows is relative to the size of the text.

For options to customise the formatting of the table, click the cog in the box, and then click the pencil.

It is possible to change the colour of the cells and to change the colour of the outer columns and rows. You can choose to have borders on the outside of the table or not.

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