How do you add symbols to your lesson?

Click on '+ Component', and then on 'Symbol'.

Choose the desired symbol from the list to add it to your slide.

The newly created symbol appears in the top left corner of the slide.

For more advanced options to customise the formatting of the symbol, click the cog in the box, and then click the pencil.

You can put a border around a symbol by selecting a border colour and a thickness. Not all symbols support adding borders. In that case these options will not be shown.

You can make a symbol larger or smaller by adjusting the frame.

If you hold down the shift key and drag a corner of the frame, the symbol will stay in proportion. Some symbols (circle and star) stay in proportion by default for ease of use, unless you use the shift key.

It is also possible to rotate the symbol. To do this, use the round button that is outside the frame. Hold down the shift key to rotate in larger increments.

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