Components in LessonUp allow you to add additional (interactive) features to your lessons. This greatly enhances the educational experience of your students, and allows you to appeal to their different needs. LessonUp offers 7 different components that can be placed in an existing slide.

The Text component allows you to place text boxes anywhere in your slide, regardless of the selected layout.

Click on '+ Component', and then on 'Text'. A text box appears in the top left corner of the slide. Within it, text can be formatted as you wish. Change its colour, font or size.

For more advanced options to customise the text box, click on the cog wheel, and then on the pencil.

It is possible to add a background colour, to give it extra emphasis, and/or to change the size of the whole text box. The latter is possible by modifying its border.

By clicking on the 'Extras' tab several options appear. You can change the colour, width and shape of the text box margins. You can also add a drop shadow to them.

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