In LessonUp, you can easily add audio to your teaching materials. You can give students spoken instructions that they can recall at any time.

Using a computer

Upload existing audio file

To add an audio clip in a lesson component via your computer, click the +Component button and select the Audio component. In the upper left corner of the lesson component, the audio icon appears.

Double-click on the audio icon, or click on the cogwheel to go to settings. Here you can add the audio clip and adjust various properties of the audio clip and icon.

Click Upload or choose sound to add a clip. You will go to your upload environment in LessonUp. Select the file or upload a file from your computer here.

You may wish to listen to the excerpt and insert it into the lesson using the Use This File button.

The audio clip is now placed in the lesson and can be listened to during a class and/or shared lesson.

Recording audio through the browser

You can record audio directly into LessonUp using your browser. To do this, add an Audio component (via: +Component) and then choose the option to speak.

Then you can record your audio clip and add it directly to the LessonUp.

Good to know: your browser will probably ask permission to use the microphone. In order to use browser based recording, you must allow it.

Good to know: browser based audio only works in modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge (Chromium). Internet Explorer is not supported.

Using a phone or tablet

With a phone and tablet, you can very easily and quickly add audio clips to a lesson. To do this, use the LessonUp app Sidekick for LessonUp. It is available for download for iOS and Android.

Once you have downloaded Sidekick, you need to log in with your LessonUp credentials. You will then see the lesson you have open in your LessonUp environment.

Step 1

Choose to record media. You can now select the slide in which you want to place the audio clip.

Step 2

Click the Record Audio button to go to the recording environment.

Step 3

After you have completed the recording, click Use and, after giving the file a title, you can add it to the lesson.

Step 4

The file is processed to make it available in the lesson material, after which the material is immediately available in the lesson: the audio icon is placed.

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