The interaction in class is great. But sometimes the dynamics of a lesson/class can be stormy. In addition, it can happen that students become so enthusiastic about LessonUp that they send the lesson code to other classes, causing your virtual class to grow by 300%. Recognisable situations? Luckily there are two options in LessonUp to avoid these situations.

Turning off student devices during a lesson

Turning off devices in the classroom no longer allows students to participate with their smartphone/tablet/laptop, but still allows interactivity in LessonUp. The interaction can now be done by you (or a student) on the central screen, giving you more control over the lesson.

The option to turn off devices can be found at the bottom of the screen in the presentation view (via the 'Teach' button). Then remove the checkmark for 'Student devices'.

It is now no longer possible to participate with a smartphone/tablet/laptop. Please note that this function is now disabled for all following lessons.

You will have to tick the box again if you want to use devices in the classroom again for the next lesson.

Close lesson for new participants

It is a well-known trick of students: forwarding the code of a LessonUp class to other classes. The result: you have 75 students in class instead of 25 and the chaos is overwhelming due to all the 'funny' answers being entered. It can take away your fun and motivation to use interaction in LessonUp.

Fortunately, something can be done about this. In the presentation view (via the 'Teach' button), click on the pin code at the bottom left. Then check the box next to 'Close for new participants'.

The lesson is now closed for new participants. Even if they have the original code.

The code remains valid and after you have unchecked it, students with the previous code can simply log in again.

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