In this article we describe a number of common causes and solutions.

Internet connection

LessonUp is a web-based environment that makes (continuous) use of the internet. This requires a stable internet connection. When you ask your student whether his or her internet connection is good, he or she looks at the WiFi icon at the top of the screen and says: yes! However, this icon does not guarantee a good internet connection: it only shows the connection to the WiFi point.

What can the student do?

If the student is able to turn off wifi on his device, you can ask him to try LessonUp on 4G. This way you can immediately see if wifi is the cause of the problem.

He can also check at home how the internet is being used at that moment.If a lot of roommates use the wifi, it is simply finished with a stable internet connection. LessonUp will then not be able to work optimally.


Modern education requires a modern programme with an updated browser. Therefore, always use the most recent version of a modern browser, such as: Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge. The last one, Edge, has recently gone from version 18 to version 80 (!) and is now Chrome. Is your student still using (a version of) Internet Explorer? Then our advice is to switch to another browser.

What can the student do?

Let the student see which version of their browser they are using via this site. Is the browser outdated? Update it!


While surfing the Internet, everything is stored in what is known as cache memory. By temporarily storing data from a website, an internet page appears faster. This is because the data does not have to be removed from the internet every time you open the page. However, it is possible that the cache memory may want to use old material. This results in a slow or empty page.

What can the student do?

Have the student clear the cache using the key combination CTRL+Shift+R (Windows, Chrome), CMD+Shift+R (Apple, Chrome) or CMD+Option/ALT+R (Apple, Safari).

Browser history

If the solution above is not sufficient, you can also delete the history of your browser. This can be done in any browser, whether you are using a computer, tablet or phone. You can delete the history (and cookies) to protect your privacy, free up space on your computer or solve problems with sites that are not loading properly.

What can the student do?

Allow the student to delete the browser history of the browser that LessonUp wants to start.

Good to know: after deleting the history the student has to log in again.


A computer or device needs updates in order to continue to function properly and remain safe. This is no different with LessonUp. If your students work via the site, you will always have the latest version of LessonUp.

What can students do?

Do your students work with the LessonUp app on their device? Have them regularly check for updates in the App Store or Google Play. In addition, we regularly send updates to this app, without you having to install an update. Let the students close and restart the LessonUp app.

Multiple accounts

Students are well-known account-makers in LessonUp. We have examples of students with five(!) different accounts in LessonUp. A student does not remember his LessonUp account details and creates a new account.

If the student has created a new account but has not yet entered the class code he won't see the lessons you have created as there is no link to the class you have created.

What can the student do?

The best thing the student can do is contact you. You can then see which account he or she has in your LessonUp class. This can be viewed via My Classes and the class in question. If a student knows which email address has been used, he can change his password via this site: or via the Forgot Password button in the LessonUp app.


You have handed out the test in LessonUp, all students are ready and... two students do not see the test. They are logged in, but do not see the test. First of all, it is a good idaea to check that this is not due to multiple accounts, as described above. The students can be logged in, but if they are not in your class then they will not see the test.

But what if the students are in the classroom but do not see the test? Then they have come in after the bell: the test had already started before they logged in to LessonUp. The test is handed out to students who are in the class at that time.

What can the student do?

There is not much the student can do. You will have to hand out the test to this student manually.

Usually one of the causes mentioned above is the reason and the problem is quickly solved for your student(s). But won't you and your student get out of it? Feel free to contact us via the chat or

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