We are happy to explain how you can share your screen to teach online with LessonUp. In this example we will use Microsoft Teams.

Good to know: Microsoft Teams is customisable for every school. It is therefore quite possible that the steps (and images) differ per situation. However, the essence of sharing the screen, as described in steps 6 and 7, is identical in every situation.

What do you need?

  • Microsoft Teams. This is usually already installed by your school.

  • You have access to Microsoft Teams (with the school data).

  • LessonUp

What do your students need?

  • A screen to follow the lesson, preferably on a computer or tablet.

  • A second screen to participate in the interactive parts of the lesson, e.g. a telephone, or the split screen function on a laptop (optional, and depending on the content and type of lesson).

  • Access to Microsoft Teams (with the school data)

  • The LessonUp.app website or the LessonUp app

How do you proceed?

Step 1

Start Teams and log into your Microsoft account

Step 2

Teams are started. Go to the Team in which you want to start the session (meeting). In a set school environment this is often your classroom.

Step 3

Choose the option 'Schedule a meeting'. If you plan it, you can check that only you have the rights to share the screen. If you don't, students can take over the meeting.

Of course you can also choose the option 'Meet now'. In this case proceed to step 5.

Step 4

Enter the details of the meeting, such as the participants' names, and the time. The meeting will then start automatically at the appointed time.

Step 5

To share your screen, click on the button with the square and arrow.

Step 6

At the bottom of the screen, choose the window you want to share. In this case, your browser with the LessonUp lesson you want to present.

Step 7

Present the LessonUp lesson to your students. Your students can now participate in the (interactive) lesson, and you can teach it as you do in the classroom, via the Teach button. Use the arrows on your keyboard.

How do students participate in an interactive lesson?

The steps described above are perfect for teaching an online lesson. But what if you also want to engage in a quiz, or any other interactive slide? In order to interact during a lesson, your student will needs a second screen. Just like in the classroom. There you have the 'first (central) screen', and each student has a 'second screen'.

Advise students to employ a computer or a tablet to follow the lesson, and to use their phone to participate during the interactive parts. Of course, it is also possible to use the split screen option on a laptop and on some tablets. This allows students to open two browser screens next to each other.

Good to know: you share your screen via a video connection on the internet. This requires a stable internet connection. It is therefore not recommended to watch a (YouTube) video together. It is better to let students do this in their own time, for example by choosing 'Share screen' in LessonUp.

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